LGC jewelry is guaranteed to never fade, lose color or tarnish under any circumstance, but if something happens to your piece, don´t worry, we got you covered!

Every LGC piece comes with a 1 Year Warranty. You will have a one-time replacement or we will give you store credit if your piece tarnishes or loses color.

You just have to send us an email at warranty@lostgenclub.com with your order number (e.g #1234) and photos showing the damaged part of your piece and we will be happy to send you a new one or give you Lost Gen Club store credit to spend on something else from our store.

Important notes:

  • Our warranty only covers what we state won't happen to your jewelry (tarnishing and color lose). If your piece is lost, stolen, broken, damaged purposely or damaged via a third-party, we can't cover this. 
  • Our warranty only covers original Lost Gen Club products. Any products bought via a third-party are not elegible for refund/replacement.